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helping to get people out, on the right, key party patriots and others. these groups have tv ads, not just to campaign on health care reform but to promote the president's agenda. does that mean the country is as a whole. that leads to this question. are fringe groups taking over town scare? is this good for our country. i think president obama must be regretting that he didn't get himself a little bipartisan insurance. the bill before the country is the house bill done by democrats with very little republican input, zero. there is, as yet, no finish or agreed-upon senate bill. had the president been able to go out there and say, look, there are a lot of people on all sides of the aisle who agree there are some modest necessary reforms here, he would be stronger today. >> we have a few republicans.
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a little glimmer of hope they might be on board. olympia snow or susan collins. maybe even chuck grassley. that's a grimmer. >> it is a glimmer. i was with chuck grassley in four town squares yesterday. the fringe didn't take over. they were, in fact, pointed but they were not hostile. people got up and said, we'll put you out if you support this but it wasn't in some crazy, yelling manner. i think by and large, we can assume that most of the town hall meetings are fine. people are upset. people are looking at major things. i think what's interesting now is that as we are now looking and i'm sure you have gotten this in your e-mails as well, at what i think is a shift in how the democrats are approaching this. it used to be, this is the fringe. these are crazy people, the t bag people, the birthers. most of the town hall meetings are just fine. i think what they have seen is
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they have moved more against it than for it. >> the white house, it is becoming more assertive. >> they are. david axlerod sent out a six-page e-mail refuting a lot of what they called myths about health care. >> and asking recipients to keep forwarding it to their friends and neighbors. >> they are stepping up their offensive using the play books they used from the campaign, going viral and we will see the president tomorrow out in montana and colorado doing the same kind of town hall he did before. they are even trying to open these town halls up so they can refute these claims that they are stacking these town halls with people. >> here is a question that intreegs me. at these town hauls, these lawmakers go out there and have exchanges with their constituents, is it more likely that the lawmaker changes the view of the con stitt went or the con stitt went changes the view of the lawmaker? >> i think the way you said the question tells us the answer. the lawmaker comes back and
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thinks, i have got some information. politicians, they are magical thinkers. they are in their offices. they don't know what's going on. they have polls and wizards that come in and tell them what the public is thinking. sometimes they overrely on the reality they see in their immediate environment. >> i suspect a lot of these lawmakers will come back in september with different views than early august. >> certainly, they will know about the concerns out there. i don't know if ultimately it will change their votes. they have some concerns they want to address. frankly, woe be to the lawmaker that doesn't listen because that's what you call an ex lawmaker. >> stand by, guys. we have more to talk about. sarah palin pushing new rumors about so-called death panels and health care claims. real people talking about the reality of the recession. our ali velshi is taking the pulse of america in the heartland. ththththththththththth
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sarah palin detailing her claims about so-called death pams in a health care overall. we are back with jessica yellin who is going to give us some background. somebody somebody stepped down as governor but that has not stopped her from jumping first into the health care debate. last night, she was at it again posting on facebook what looked like a term paper complete with 11 foot notes. she is quoting statements about rationed care by left-winging columnists and democrats. she was defending a claim she made last week that if health care reform passes, her parents or baby would be required to, quote, stand in front of obama's death panel so his bureaucrats can decide whether they are worthy of health care. fact check? not true. there is no panel that would decide whether the weak live or die. even some of palin's republican
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colleagues are slamming her for promoting a rumor that they call nuts and they say will, quote, begin gin up fear. she is referring to a provision that would allow medicare recipients to get counseling on things like hospice care or living wils. according to a republican senator, that's been taken off the bill. still, this death panel rumor has caught on and put her squarely back in the news. the question is, is sarah palin helping or hurting her political ambitions by grabbing the spotlight when the facts are not on her side? >> candy crowley, you spoke to i allot of folks about these so-called death panels. what are they saying? >> some had not heard directly about what sarah palin had said. there are particularly seniors that said to me, listen, here is how we look at it. in fact, this was in a column today that a leading columnist
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wrote. if you have a bill that says, listen, we will pay doctors to give end-of-life counseling every five years, except if they get sick, and then you can do it more often than that. you can understand how seniors might think, really? there is that fear out there. now, it's stoked by things like this. it is not true there is some panel that's going to go, let her die, let him die. that's not true. it's about paying doctors for end of life. doctors have office visits with medicare patients. why can't they tell them in those office visits. those are reimbursed. why is there a separate thing for this end of life care counseling. >> do you understand the concern out there. a lot of folks say, you know what, doctors should be talking to their patients, especially if they get older, about living wills or hospice care. these are end-of-life considerations that folks would
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like to speak to a professional about. >> i think there is a difference between speaking to a professional and having the professional speak to you. >> this is all voluntary, right? >> the bill would authorize the professional to initiate the conversation. i think candy is on to something. the core of this is that the house plan and the president's ideas contemplate taking a lot of money out of the future growth of medicare. the question i would have for sarah palin is it the republican position that there must never be any restraint on the growth of medicare ever? i thought they wanted to see government spending slowed an medicare and medicare are the most important drivers. you can cult without hurting seniors anyone else. you can cut some of those expenditures by simply eliminating some waste. >> i think that's true. that's one of the things that the white house is saying, they want to eliminate waste in health care, medicare.
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that's one of the ways they feel like they will pay for this health care insurance. >> it is a powerful argument that republicans, including mitch mcconnell, the republican leader and others are making when they say the democrats want to cut $500 billion of your medicare over the next ten years. it gets people and you've seen that in the town hall, people saying, they are going to pull the plug on grandma. i mean, getting that kind to sarah palin and she's clearly trying to play for a larger stage here. i mean, but i think in large part she really is contemplating for a small stage. and, you know, she has the support, you know, not only for evangelicals but flipping among a lot of folks. >> knowing the congress as you do, if the house version has the end of life counseling version in it, the senate version does not, when they get together and try to forth some sort of compromise, who wins? >> well, it depends on who needs the votes.
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in the end -- >> clearly this is a much tighter option in the senate than in the house. >> they need at this point, the senate has a big hurdle unless they use a procedural mechanism to just need the 51 votes. but it seems to me at this point, with this bill, the senate has got to say, i can't pass this thing unless you all take us out or put us in. >> we leave it on that note, guys. we'll see you back there tomorrow. let's see what is coming up at the top of the hour. lou? the latest on the show down of health care. the white house and powerful special interest groups joining forces now, attacking the opponents of the president's health care initiatives. the events are coming as polls indicate large numbers of independents are simply desserting president obama. a rising number of americans are fighting back against the democratic parties assault, refusing to be silenced or marginalized. and in a barrage of e-mails,
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targeting members of congress. and in our face off debate tonight, we examine the issue of whether government has a moral obligation to provide health care. we'll have that debate, all of the day's news, and much more. please join us for that ap the top of the hour. wolf, back to you. lou, we'll see you then. thank you let's check in with jack for the cafferty hour. >> how serious is the united states about national security. if the plan to send national guard troops to the mexican border is being delayed over money. mike in florida writes, none has been truly interested in securing the mexican border. there are several common reason, not the least of which is votes. others include the economic impacts on mexico by reducing the amount of illegal immigrants here to their relatives there. the economic impact on the u.s. as they pay americans as far as paying illegals and last, but
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not least, a lack of on political and just last night a van carrying 42 illegal aliens drove through the border going north in the southbound lanes. our borders and ports ought to be a high priority. a fence is just not enough. we need troops and we need them now. ruth in portland says they ought to be taking care of america, such as on the mexican border. b writes, the u.s. is not serious at all about any border security. are you kidding? i guess we don't have enough illegals here. our national security is a joke in the eyes of other nations and mine as well. and u.s. corporations don't want to hear that they would lose a source of cheap labor.
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we have all of the money for the iraq and afghan borders but not for our own. this nation is at its end. obama is a fraud. and bruce writes, not very it seems maybe somebody would actually read the 1,000 page health care bill and find a pleasely 200258 million in there. go to my blog at see you tomorrow. >> always a pleasure, jack. thanks very much. how are economic concerns impacting the scene at the missouri state fair? we're going to checkup with ali velshi for more of the cnn express. and a dramatic rescue from flooding in taiwan. stay with us. these days every penny counts with everything you buy. every head. every bite. every gallon. every shoe. every book. every cereal. well, maybe not every cereal. but every stem. every stitch. every tune. every toy. pretty much everything you buy can help your savings account grow because keep the change from bank of america
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rounds up every debit card purchase to the next dollar and transfers the difference from your checking to savings account. it's one of the many ways we make saving money in tough times a whole lot easier.
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in taiwan aville ager is rescued while waters rage in india swine flu fears. in russia, the president medvedev signs his name on a shirt while at a construction site. in ohio, check it out, one lone fisherman waits for the fish to start biting. the latest in the cnn express is in missouri.
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>> that is unbelievable. >> have you seen any change because of the economy and things like attendance and participation? >> why, does it look different than maybe last year before we went through the financial crisis? >> i think what has happened is that people are staying closer to home and they are looking for a value package for an end of the summer vacation. >> we come every year. >> my daughter's first visit to the state fair, we are having a great time. >> so much to do and so many
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things to buy. >> i was looking through the program and i saw a lot to do with the economy. i've seen coupon clippings and saving money. is that something that typically happens at the fair? >> we just took advantage of something new out there. it's called rural lifestyles. >> we come because my family showed cattle here for many years. >> we pra additionally come and show our hogs for the last 22 years in the swine barn and my kids and grandkids are now showing. >> if you want to learn highway to do gardening, we're going to show you how. if you want to learn how to can what you grow, we'll show you how. while folks are thinking that things might be getting better, to suggest that the economy is fully on the mend right now, it might be a bit of a stretch. wolf? >> ali, thank you. he's making his way this weekend to iowa and the state fair
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there. we'll check in with ali tomorrow and see what is going on across the country. we want you to

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